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  • Screenshot of SpeechExpert 1.01

    SpeechExpert 1.01

    SpeechExpert is the software which can read and manage the articals for you. Besides reading the articals in the web pages, emails, documents and others, it can also help you with managing the articals reading and read for you.

    License: Shareware, $19.89 to buy  Size: 5591 KB Free Download SpeechExpert 1.01

  • Screenshot of SpeechMagician 1.1

    SpeechMagician 1.1

    SpeechMagician is a magic software. Besides reading the text in the documents and reports for you, it can also help you with building the the real voice MMS, color rings, truetones and other voices for you.

    License: Shareware, $29.89 to buy  Size: 5930 KB Free Download SpeechMagician 1.1

  • Screenshot of Text To Mp3 6.0

    Text To Mp3 6.0

    Converts Text to Wave, MP3 or WMA Files and helps design a read aloud MP3 book for you. This helps solve a lot of your daily problems with electronic text. Using a mp3 player you may now listen to documents

    License: Shareware, $19 to buy  Size: 13867 KB Free Download Text To Mp3 6.0

  • Screenshot of Better Wave To Text 5.0

    Better Wave To Text 5.0

    Wave To Text is a English Speech Recognition Dictation Pad with a Wave To Text Wizard. This speech utility is the high speed way to convert speech to text accurately, no computer conscious dictation and you also don't miss a word.

    License: Shareware, $79 to buy  Size: 24511 KB Free Download Better Wave To Text 5.0

  • Screenshot of Voiced Keyboard 3.2

    Voiced Keyboard 3.2

    Make your keyboard speak. Hear what you are typing! Avoid keying errors by listening to your documents as soon as you type them. Improve your typing speed greatly!

    License: Shareware, $21.95 to buy  Size: 1413 KB Free Download Voiced Keyboard 3.2

  • Screenshot of Blaze Audio Voice Cloak 1.1

    Blaze Audio Voice Cloak 1.1

    Disguise, morph, and improve your online voice. Change gender, add sound effects, robot voice, pitch shift, echo, EQ in real time! Inject funny sound effects into voice chat IP phone calls. Save your favorite voices as presets.

    License: Shareware, $29.95 to buy  Size: 2085 KB Free Download Blaze Audio Voice Cloak 1.1

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