Best Recent Downloads of Plug-Ins


  • Screenshot of Myriad Plug-in 5.4.7

    Myriad Plug-in 5.4.7

    Web browser plug-in to play, display, transpose and print music scores created with Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant, directly from your web browser.This plug-in also play tutorials available on the Myriad Video Tutorial page.

    License: Freeware, $0 to buy  Size: 2025 KB Free Download Myriad Plug-in 5.4.7

  • Screenshot of SynthMaker 1.1.1

    SynthMaker 1.1.1

    SynthMaker is an audio programming tool that allows anyone to create their own sounds, virtual instruments and effects without having to write any code.

    License: Commercial, $133 to buy  Size: 5558 KB Free Download SynthMaker 1.1.1

  • Screenshot of SFX Machine RT for Windows 1.0.8

    SFX Machine RT for Windows 1.0.8

    SFX Machine RT is a real-time version of the award-winning audio effects plug-in, now available in VST format for Windows. SFX Machine RT includes hundreds of presets and allows automated parameter control via MIDI.

    License: Shareware, $75 to buy  Size: 1100 KB Free Download SFX Machine RT for Windows 1.0.8

  • Screenshot of Vox FX 2.0.3

    Vox FX 2.0.3

    Vox FX is one of MHC's vst plugins, a formant filter. Its well suited for musicians, who make music using vst plugins, which involves heavy processing of sounds, such as techno, trance, ambient, industrial etc.

    License: Shareware, $179 to buy  Size: 684 KB Free Download Vox FX 2.0.3

  • Screenshot of Flex FX 2.0.3

    Flex FX 2.0.3

    Flex FX contains 7 different vst plugins, the Amplitude Modulator, Chaotic Lowpass Filter, Chaotic Highpass Filter, Ensemble effect, Stereo Feedback Delay, Ultra Feedback Flanger and Fat Resonator.

    License: Demo, $179 to buy  Size: 2020 KB Free Download Flex FX 2.0.3

  • Screenshot of Sound System Modeler 1.0

    Sound System Modeler 1.0

    Sound System Modeler is a DirectX audio plug-in that allows you to listen to your mix on 27 different virtual sound systems without leaving your audio application. Get your mix right before you burn you first CD.

    License: Commercial, $29.97 to buy  Size: 1562 KB Free Download Sound System Modeler 1.0

  • Screenshot of Fatsondo 2.0.2

    Fatsondo 2.0.2

    The Fatsondo MIDI Synthesizer is a plugin (VSTi), which has been tailored made for the creation of fat sounds. In addition, it has a built-in chorus, flanger, stereo delay, comes with 256 factory patches and a 17 page manual (Adobe Acrobat).

    License: Shareware, $99 to buy  Size: 3049 KB Free Download Fatsondo 2.0.2

  • Screenshot of Moodmixer 1.17

    Moodmixer 1.17

    winamp auto-playlister plugin mp3 wma ogg. Find the perfect mix for your mood with Moodmixer's rating sliders. Instantly change the play list mood. Mass rate, mass change, and mass tag your files.

    License: Shareware, $11.98 to buy  Size: 8745 KB Free Download Moodmixer 1.17