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  • Screenshot of MP3Resizer 1.9.2

    MP3Resizer 1.9.2

    You don't know how to reduce the size of your MP3 files?MP3Resizer is designed to optimize the capacity of your portable MP3-player by reducing the size of MP3 files or MP3 audio books. Compress your MP3 with MP3Resizer!

    License: Shareware, $24.95 to buy  Size: 1231 KB Free Download MP3Resizer 1.9.2

  • Screenshot of Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker 3.32

    Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker 3.32

    Print your own CD/DVD labels and jewel cases with ease and flexibility! If you 're sick of guessing what songs are on what CD, get the software that automatically puts your track list on your CD Label. Now supports multi-drive LightScribe printing!

    License: Shareware, $21.95 to buy  Size: 4855 KB Free Download Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker 3.32

  • Screenshot of CwGet morse decoder 1.80

    CwGet morse decoder 1.80

    Program to decode Morse code (CW) via sound card to text. No additional hardware required - your need only receiver and computer with sound card. Can cooperate with RZ4AG AAlog logger. It is software Morse decoder that REALLY work!

    License: Shareware, $35 to buy  Size: 776 KB Free Download CwGet morse decoder 1.80

  • Screenshot of AudioLabel CD/DVD Labeler 4.3

    AudioLabel CD/DVD Labeler 4.3

    Smart cd label software that helps you create and print cd labels, jewel case inserts, and DVD case labels. Automatically finds album information and fills out the label for you!

    License: Shareware, $29.95 to buy  Size: 6135 KB Free Download AudioLabel CD/DVD Labeler 4.3

  • Screenshot of Power Mixer 2.5

    Power Mixer 2.5

    Power Mixer is a complete Volume Control replacement that lets you easily change the sound volume by simply rotating the mouse wheel or by using hot keys. It includes an audio mixer, a scheduler, OSD, command line support, customizable presets.

    License: Shareware, $17.95 to buy  Size: 557 KB Free Download Power Mixer 2.5

  • Audials One 3

    Audials One 3

    Legally download thousands of MP3s and music videos from 80 genres by over 70k artists from 20k different web radio stations and video portals for free. Podcasts. Universal converter removes DRM copy protection and converts music, audio books, videos

    License: Shareware, $59.9 to buy  Size: 81920 KB Free Download Audials One 3

  • MP3videoraptor 3

    MP3videoraptor 3

    Thousands of songs for every mood in MP3 format quickly. Web radio recorder, 80 music genres, social radios (e.g. Web video recorder. Video portals (e.g. YouTube). Lots of videos (music, fun and erotic). Incl. audio/video format converter

    License: Shareware, $26.89 to buy  Size: 25702 KB Free Download MP3videoraptor 3

  • Screenshot of PianoFX STUDIO 4.0

    PianoFX STUDIO 4.0

    PianoFX Studio 4.0 from Tanseon Systems is an advanced Piano Music Keyboard Synthesizer for the Personal Computer. You can play live piano music using your PC keyboard or mouse without the requirement of a conventional Piano.

    License: Shareware, $29.95 to buy  Size: 9146 KB Free Download PianoFX STUDIO 4.0

  • Screenshot of Audio Multi-Tone Generator 5.0

    Audio Multi-Tone Generator 5.0

    Eight-channel multi-tone audio frequency sinusoidal & noise signal generator is intended for adjusting and measuring parameters of audio equipment.

    License: Shareware, $299 to buy  Size: 408 KB Free Download Audio Multi-Tone Generator 5.0

  • Screenshot of Chord Pickout 1.61

    Chord Pickout 1.61

    This program uses its artificial intelligence to guess chords for you. All you have to do is to load a media file (wav or mp3) and click a button. Chord Pickout will transcribe the music and write down the recognized chords automatically.

    License: Shareware, $39.95 to buy  Size: 1322 KB Free Download Chord Pickout 1.61

  • Screenshot of VolumeLock 1.6

    VolumeLock 1.6

    VolumeLock is an easy-to-use audio control utility that prevents volume settings of your PC from being changed unexpectedly by using user-defined rules. It includes a powerful lock function, a scheduler, command line support, customizable presets.

    License: Shareware, $14.94 to buy  Size: 352 KB Free Download VolumeLock 1.6

  • Screenshot of Guitar and Drum Trainer 3.3.4

    Guitar and Drum Trainer 3.3.4

    Improve your music playing faster and easier by raising the quality of your practice time. Slow down MP3 music to play and learn at your own pace. Pitch shift music instead of retuning your instrument. Filter sound with a 31 band EQ. Loop music.

    License: Shareware, $49.95 to buy  Size: 2346 KB Free Download Guitar and Drum Trainer 3.3.4

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