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  • Screenshot of TUNEBITE Audio & Video DRM converter

    TUNEBITE Audio & Video DRM converter

    Converts DRM protected WMA, M4P, M4B, AA, AAC to unprotected MP3, WMA, OGG or WAV audio files automatically. Converts DRM protected WMV & M4V videos to unprotected MP4, WMV video files and with 3vix Encoder to MPEG-4 video files for mobile devices.

    License: Demo, $34.9 to buy  Size: 11743 KB Free Download TUNEBITE Audio & Video DRM converter

  • Screenshot of Easy Hi-Q Recorder 2.2

    Easy Hi-Q Recorder 2.2

    Easy Hi-Q Recorder is the easiest way to record absolutely any sound in real-time! For beginners to advanced users. Record to MP3, WMA 9, WAV, OGG. Record streaming music, mic., LP's. Auto: song, silence, split, volume. VCR-like timer and a player.

    License: Shareware, $29.95 to buy  Size: 7298 KB Free Download Easy Hi-Q Recorder 2.2

  • Screenshot of Claudio 6.3

    Claudio 6.3

    This audio recorder offers wide range of sound qualities (11-192 kHz, 8/16-bit, mono/stereo) and adds features like import/export to WAV, OGG and MP3, keyboard shortcuts, endless loop playback, simple editor, transcription mode and playback effects.

    License: Shareware, $29.89 to buy  Size: 3363 KB Free Download Claudio 6.3

  • Screenshot of Sound Card Recorder

    Sound Card Recorder

    The program continuously monitors your sound card(s) and starts recording as soon as voice activity is detected. Multiple sound card support. Many sound formats supported (MP3, GSM, TrueSpeech, etc).

    License: Shareware, $39.95 to buy  Size: 181 KB Free Download Sound Card Recorder

  • Screenshot of Phone Call Recorder

    Phone Call Recorder

    All telephone conversations will be monitored and recorded after you install the program. Caller ID information will be logged as well.

    License: Shareware, $34.95 to buy  Size: 345 KB Free Download Phone Call Recorder

  • Screenshot of Blaze Audio Power Record 2.0

    Blaze Audio Power Record 2.0

    Power Record is a digital audio recorder for scheduled, timed or instant recording of AM, FM, and internet radio. It works like a VCR for streaming audio. Convert MP3,Wave, Real Audio. Use Song Grabber to record content you forgot to schedule.

    License: Shareware, $29.95 to buy  Size: 1270 KB Free Download Blaze Audio Power Record 2.0

  • Screenshot of Power MP3 WMA Recorder 1.03

    Power MP3 WMA Recorder 1.03

    Power MP3 WMA Recorder makes high-quality recordings directly from your sound card. It can record streaming audio directly to MP3, WMA and OGG files, no tempory wav file involved. Sound quality of the recordings remains excellent.

    License: Shareware, $24.95 to buy  Size: 2934 KB Free Download Power MP3 WMA Recorder 1.03

  • Screenshot of Ease MP3 Recorder 1.30

    Ease MP3 Recorder 1.30

    Ease Mp3 Recorder makes a complete recording studio of your computer. With Ease Mp3 Recorder you can record your own music, voice or other sound you hear, either voice from microphone, webcasts from the Internet, music played by Winamp, Windows Media

    License: Shareware, $24.95 to buy  Size: 4857 KB Free Download Ease MP3 Recorder 1.30

  • Screenshot of Tunebite 4.0

    Tunebite 4.0

    RERECORDS PROTECTED WMA, M4P, M4B MUSIC & AUDIOBOOKS OR WMV & M4V VIDEOCLIPSTunebite = Multiple-Speed-Rerecording in Digitial Qualtiy. Converts legally DRM protected files to free MP3, WMA, WMV, OGG and MPEG4.

    License: Demo, $17.89 to buy  Size: 5376 KB Free Download Tunebite 4.0

  • Screenshot of AimOne Screen Recorder 1.31

    AimOne Screen Recorder 1.31

    AimOne Screen Recorder is a powerful video-recording software, allows you record the full screen, window or fixed-region to AVI or WMV files, You can even record audio into the video file, from any source including the microphone, line-in, or speaker

    License: Shareware, $39.95 to buy  Size: 1169 KB Free Download AimOne Screen Recorder 1.31

  • Screenshot of Any Sound Recorder 2.93

    Any Sound Recorder 2.93

    An audio software built in recording, editing and coverting sounds to MP3, WAV, OGG popular music format file. Typically it allows you to record sound from various input sources, edit audio files and save it to popular music format file.

    License: Shareware, $24.95 to buy  Size: 1505 KB Free Download Any Sound Recorder 2.93

  • Screenshot of Huelix Audio Recorder 1.2

    Huelix Audio Recorder 1.2

    Huelix Audio Recorder turns your PC into an audio recording studio. Record audio from any port of audio hardware with great ease. Supports all major audio compression formats - WMA, MP3, Ogg, and WAV with audio preview and playback.

    License: Shareware, $29.95 to buy  Size: 5930 KB Free Download Huelix Audio Recorder 1.2

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