Article: @MAX Tray Player 1.01 review

There are many free media players available in the market, not saying about the player that comes with your operating system. So, at the first glance, there is no need in buying this software. But do not jump to a conclusion. Free media players usually comprise advertising materials that they download online. It slows the output considerably. If you need a player that runs real fast and does not clutter the system, go for @MAX Tray Player.

@MAX Tray Player adds its control buttons right into the Windows tray and offers the best solution for music lovers who want to access their media player any time, without searching it in the menu and opening as a separate program. The advantage of the program is low resource consumption, which does not hinder its functionality. The software supports a large variety of audio formats (wav, snd, mp3, mp2, mpa, ogg, wmf, etc) and video formats (mpeg ,mpg, m1v, mpe, avi, etc). The media file browser reminds the windows Start menu and is extremely handy. The interface is quite standard and straightforward, but it is possible to apply different skins, change the player position in the taskbar and so on. You can also use hotkeys for quick access to the program commands even when you are working with another application. In general, it's a great program for music aficionados who are accustomed to listen to music all the time when working on computer.

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