Article: AV DVD Player - Morpher 1.5 review

AV DVD Player-Morpher is a versatile DVD player, which can play and burn DVDs, SVCDs and VCDs, and mix up various video and audio effects in real time. Morpher is one of the best solutions for home movie entertainment on your PC and an effective guide through the world of digital movie. In spite of many options no user will ever have any problems with this player. It has a smart and stylish inter-face. You can easily extract audio tracks from DVDs or create personalized audio CDs or MP3s in a few clicks. Advanced users will like some special features of AV DVD Player-Morpher like creating unique sound and video effects and adding them to the standard collection. The program gives you the possibility to create covers for your favorite disks or the disks you made.

Pluses: it supports all popular audio formats, has a smart and stylish interface and tools for creating unusual and unique effects.

Drawbacks/flaws: the cover editor is not handy enough.

In conclusion: this is perfect software for home movie entertainment.

Features: 5
Stability: 4.5
Usability: 5
Interface: 4.5
Total: 5

Version reviewed: 1.5.58

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