Article: How to transfer the score you have created to a picture (MagicScore Maestro)

1. Start MagicScore Maestro.

2. Press the button "Open" in the Toolbar to open the score you have created before.

Open the score you have created before

3. In the "Open" dialog box select the required score file (*.sfd) and press the button "Open".

Select file *.sfd

4. When the score is opened, select the menu item File -> Export - >to Image.

Export a score list

5. In the dialog box "Save As" select the folder where you want to save the file, set the format of the saved image and press the button "Save".

Save the picture

6. In the emerging "Export options" dialog box set the image quality, its scale, the number of pages of the score saved on one image. Press the button "Ok".

Settings for the saved image

7. After the file is saved, you can see the image of the score in an image viewer and print the score, if needed.

Image of the score

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